History of Tyrells

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History of the Close: 
In 2012 Tyrells Close was 60 years old and we cewlebrated this Diamond Jubilee with The Queen who came to the throne in that year.  Many activities took place in the close in that year the highlight of which was the street party.  At the street party we had a display about the history of Tyrells Close.

Start your tour of Tyrells Close here…..
Some Historical Tyrells
From a field called Tyrells
…to Gentleman’s residence
Tyrells Close 1939 to 1945
Tyrells Close memories
In 1952, what could you do?

This information owes much to the research done about ten years ago by Sue Ruskin of Number 6, particularly the early history of Tyrells and memories and anecdotes from original residents. Thank you, Sue!

A few pictures from the actual display in 2012..